this is a blog to unite all the telemark skiers who ski park. i hope this website will be a place where others and me can share and post videos, pictures and other stuff. just to show what teleskiers are doing winter, spring, summer and fall!

A Jeremy Clark interview

In the next couple of weeks Im going to post interview of the telemark park blogers. And we are going to start up with Jeremy!

Name: Jeremy Champ Clark

Born: December 18, 1992

Residence: Breckenridge Cololrado

First day on tele: 6 or 7 years ago

Influence: B-dog, Hornbeck, Delorme

Best resorts: Breck And Keystone

Best moment on teles: That first picture perect face shot never forget that

Biggest goal in skiing: Push the sport and help the progression of
telemark park skiing

Sponsors: RMU Skis

Hobbies: Flyfishing, Guitar, partying, and skiing of course

Eat: Anything I caught or hunted that I can cook in my kitchen

Music: Hip-Hop, Classic Rock pretty much anything but country

Book:I don’t read enough but I would say A River Runs Through It

Movie: Beer Fest, Anchorman, Step Brothers, Gladiator, Platoon, there are just way to many to name not to mention all the ski movies I watch

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