this is a blog to unite all the telemark skiers who ski park. i hope this website will be a place where others and me can share and post videos, pictures and other stuff. just to show what teleskiers are doing winter, spring, summer and fall!

A Jeremy Clark interview

In the next couple of weeks Im going to post interview of the telemark park blogers. And we are going to start up with Jeremy!

Name: Jeremy Champ Clark

Born: December 18, 1992

Residence: Breckenridge Cololrado

First day on tele: 6 or 7 years ago

Influence: B-dog, Hornbeck, Delorme

Best resorts: Breck And Keystone

Best moment on teles: That first picture perect face shot never forget that

Biggest goal in skiing: Push the sport and help the progression of
telemark park skiing

Sponsors: RMU Skis

Hobbies: Flyfishing, Guitar, partying, and skiing of course

Eat: Anything I caught or hunted that I can cook in my kitchen

Music: Hip-Hop, Classic Rock pretty much anything but country

Book:I don’t read enough but I would say A River Runs Through It

Movie: Beer Fest, Anchorman, Step Brothers, Gladiator, Platoon, there are just way to many to name not to mention all the ski movies I watch

Active Junky Interview

Hey guys,
I haven't posted in a while but I wanted to throw up this interview that was published by Active Junky about me.  It is a website that does gear write ups but also interviews athletes and organizations. It talks about my plans for the season with Telemark Skier Magazine as well as what gear I will be using.  Here is the link:

Also I have an athlete page on facebook that I will be updating often starting in the next couple weeks as things get rolling. You can become a fan of it here :

Thanks and enjoy!

Loren Griswold 2010-2011

Loren just got this edit together, looks like he got up to some fun things last winter.


this blog might be not always about telemarking, or big snowfalls or
sth really cool and creative thing. But always about good things.

it is probobly not new for you but now it is available in austria.

But i hate itunes and apple!! Do you like it?


Tough Guy Production and Teva winter games

Just got invited to Teva wintergames telemark big air. My fellow bloger Dyland Garner, Alex Paul, Kjell Ellofsen and Ty Dayberry did also get invited, so stoked for both of us. Cant wait to go to Colorado, USA!