this is a blog to unite all the telemark skiers who ski park. i hope this website will be a place where others and me can share and post videos, pictures and other stuff. just to show what teleskiers are doing winter, spring, summer and fall!
Word, haven't posted up in this batch in a quick min. Here is word from the front:
Tele News... TGP is producing the Thule Telemark Big Air Invitational for the first Teva winter mountain games in Vail, Colorado February 11, 2012. TGP has the honor to select 10 athletes for the event and 5 more will be chosen the day of during an open qualifier. TGP has selected Ty Dayberry as our first pick! Post pics or video to our page and maybe you'll earn the Wildcard spot! More news to come...! Good Luck!

Post vids here or On my Facebook. i want to see a turn out!

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