this is a blog to unite all the telemark skiers who ski park. i hope this website will be a place where others and me can share and post videos, pictures and other stuff. just to show what teleskiers are doing winter, spring, summer and fall!

Hey there,

Johno invited me to be an admin on this blog, thought it was a rad idea and jumped on it.

My name is Alex, i live in Boulder, Colorado and am a senior in high school. I plan on moving to Bozeman, Montana next year to attend Montana State university. I have been skiing since i was about three years old, and i got my first tele setup on my fourteenth birthday. When i'm not skiing i enjoy mountain biking and playing music.

I hope you check back on the blog often to see what we've all been getting up to.

Here are a couple pictures of me skiing from the past few seasons.

-Alex K

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