this is a blog to unite all the telemark skiers who ski park. i hope this website will be a place where others and me can share and post videos, pictures and other stuff. just to show what teleskiers are doing winter, spring, summer and fall!

Dylan Garner

Hey All,
I'm a 25 year old telemark skier currently living in Breckenridge, CO...this season was my 8th dropping knees. The reason I telemark is simple, I have more fun...more freedom, more flow..and I will tele til my body can't handle it.
Thanks to Johno for puttin this together..already seein pics and video that blow me away, we needed a spot to showcase the haps in our sport..Let's make this the internet place to be for newschool telemark skiing!

Nose press Loveland '09
Tele Slide, Powderhorn '06

I'll upload some vids once I get to that computer...

Thanks to Everyone Involved...


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  1. I just love that tele press picture! your tele presses inspire me!