this is a blog to unite all the telemark skiers who ski park. i hope this website will be a place where others and me can share and post videos, pictures and other stuff. just to show what teleskiers are doing winter, spring, summer and fall!

Alex Koukov park edit '10/11

Hey guys, here's an edit of some of the park skiing I got on film this year. This was the first season which provided me with a somewhat substantial amount of filming in the park (although it was still not that much by any means). I hope thar you enjoy it!

Tony Gill Season Season Edit

I just came upon Tony Gill's Season Edit.  He is a mid-20s tele shredder out of Park City, UT. Check out his season in the video below.  Can you say flips? haha

Self Edit '11 from anthony gill on Vimeo.

Dylan Garner

Hey All,
I'm a 25 year old telemark skier currently living in Breckenridge, CO...this season was my 8th dropping knees. The reason I telemark is simple, I have more fun...more freedom, more flow..and I will tele til my body can't handle it.
Thanks to Johno for puttin this together..already seein pics and video that blow me away, we needed a spot to showcase the haps in our sport..Let's make this the internet place to be for newschool telemark skiing!

Nose press Loveland '09
Tele Slide, Powderhorn '06

I'll upload some vids once I get to that computer...

Thanks to Everyone Involved...


new pictures

got invited to a project called "Amandus" for young photographers. check'm out!

Jeremy Clark- Just another posting tele guy

Why hey there every one,

My name is Jeremy Clark, I have been telemarking for 6 years and been skiing park for about 3 of them. I am a weekend warrior until i head off to college in the fall because school has been taking up to much of my time. But i ski as much as i can. Gotta say thanks to Johno for setting all this up and lets all take it somewhere.

A few videos friends and I have made... I couldnt figure out how Kjell and Johno got them up on the screen so the links are below.

Promo 2010

Few weeks in CO 2010

Jackson Hole Trip 2010

Breck 2011

Thanks for reading and such

Jeremy Clark

Kjell Ellefson-Contributing Poster

Hey everyone!
Big shout out to John Olav for starting this blog! Hopefully popularity will grow exponentially on here and become a place where everyone can come to get the latest news on teleparking an other fun activities.

A little about myself, I have been telemarking for 6 years and am originally from Vail, CO USA.  I now live in Boulder, CO attending the University of Colorado and take the winters off to ski.  I currently work for Telemark Skier Magazine as a staff writer/editor/photographer and am helping to push the new youth telemark movement.  I currently ski for Fortitude Skis, Sickstickz Ski Poles, DFP Insoles, and an upcoming outerwear company called Bloom. Here are a couple photos and videos of my skiing over the last couple years.  Unfortunately I have been plagued with injuries over the last 3 years dislocating my shoulder, cracking my collarbone, fracturing my heel, and fracturing my tibial plateau in my knee.  I plan on recovering fully and charging harder than ever next year.
I also have a photo blog that has my telemark, alpine, and snowboard photos and videos that you can check out here:

Kjell Ellefson Self Edit 09-10 from Kjell Ellefson on Vimeo.
Telemark Athlete Kjell Ellefson's Self Edit for the 09-10 season.

an other blogger didi mallaun


john asked me to join this blog and i thought it would be really cool for us
freaks on teleskis. so it is cool to be a part of the blog and i hope you will
follow us through the season.

so lets start. my name is didi mallaun and i am 20 years old. i live in tirol,
austria and i just ski at the weekend. working sucks. i cant remember really
but it might be the fifth season on teleskis.

^ thats me

Sjur Øfsteng new blogger :)

Hi teleskiers,

Here are som pictures from my last seasons. Unfortnetly I have not skied as much as I want to, since I live in Dk. But next season I will be back on track.

Greg Yearsley's tele pictures

Greg Yearsley sent me some sick tele pictures of some flips and a SICK teleslide!


Hey there,

Johno invited me to be an admin on this blog, thought it was a rad idea and jumped on it.

My name is Alex, i live in Boulder, Colorado and am a senior in high school. I plan on moving to Bozeman, Montana next year to attend Montana State university. I have been skiing since i was about three years old, and i got my first tele setup on my fourteenth birthday. When i'm not skiing i enjoy mountain biking and playing music.

I hope you check back on the blog often to see what we've all been getting up to.

Here are a couple pictures of me skiing from the past few seasons.

-Alex K

John Olav Folkestad Førland one of the bloggers

HI! ( my english sucks!!! )

Im the creator and one of the blogger on this website.
Here is a little introduction of me:

Im a 22 year old guy from Norway and I currently live in Lillehammer with my girlfriend.
When Im not skiing Im studying at a college, skateboarding,surfing, climbing or doing other fun stuff.
Here are some videos of me. hope you like them!

new telepark blogg

this a new telepark blogg and I hope it will turn out to be awsome!
But to get awsome I need your help!
If you have any new ideas, videos , picture you will post contact me

I just want to create a place where telepark riders can show what they do!!!